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positive behaviour supports

Theresa M. Grech & Associates

Welcome to TMG Counselling Group and thanks for taking the first step towards a healthier and empowered self!

At TMG we are a group of experienced and dedicated Counsellors, Behavioural Consultants, and Educators, who value the uniqueness of each individual and the familial and environmental context in which they live. We work from an Inclusive, Integrative and Holistic Approach which blends elements of different theories and approaches into practice, tailoring the treatment according to each person’s needs.

As you are guided through your own personal therapeutic journey, you will become more self-aware, rediscover your voice, and in confidence develop and gain access to your own inherent strengths and capacity towards change. With greater confidence comes the skills, abilities and courage to grow beyond the things that challenge you. The positive change that can be developed through therapy can afford you the ability to take control of your life and successfully interact, communicate and comfortably be with yourself and others.

All our therapies can be adapted to working with children, youth and adults living with Neuro Developmental Differences.

Our counselling and therapeutic services focus on


the lighthouse...

The lighthouse is not the prize, the finish line or the absolute. The lighthouse is a beacon, a guide, a pace setter to remind you to focus on a sense of place where your mind, body and soul converge, become aware, and master whatever it is you encounter.

It is a stabilizer.

Take the first step!

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