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BA, PgCSHealth 



Working with children, youth, and adults with Neuro Diversabilities.

Airial attends closely to adapting the sexual health materials used such that they meet the complex needs of children, youth and young adults living with Diversabilities.

Airial consults with Dr. Margaret Newbury Jones who has a deep understanding of sexual health and working with individuals with Neuro Diverse Abilities. 


University of Alberta, Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine

Specialized Training

Diverse Approaches to Sexuality for Diverse Communities (Conference 2018)

Health and Wellbeing in Children, Youth and Adults with Developmental Disabilities Conference (2016)

Sexual Health and Trauma

Trauma and Mental Health


Post Graduate Certificate in Sexual Health (PgCSHealth), University of Alberta

Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Psychology, Kwantlen University

about AIRIAL

Airial's passion lies in emotional and sexual wellness, and aims to reflect these values in her every day work. She is proud to be a woman in business, with a focus to shift sex-education in a more sex-positive direction. It is important for Airial to be an educational role-model for young people, and create an open dialogue around sexuality, so that children and youth feel more encouraged to want to learn about healthy sexuality. She strongly believes that the more a person is educated, the more they will be motivated to learn, be safe, and truly feel empowered around who they are as an individual, and their own sexuality.

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