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Autism, Demand Avoidance, Late Diagnosis, Pathological Demand Avoidance (PDA), Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Sleep


Registered Social Worker (RSW) – Registration #14696

BC College of Social Workers

Specialized Training

Compassionate Inquiry (CI)

Trauma Informed Practice Institute (TIPI)


Bachelor of Social Work (BSW), Carleton University

New Media Diploma, Ontario College of Art


From childhood, Jessica has been concerned with the idea of justice, the ways of communication and the cohesion of community. She wanted “everyone to get along”, believing she was a born and bred mediator. At the same time, she often felt that she was misunderstood, alone, an outsider.

Jessica camped, travelled, meditated, went to college, university, worked in the government, got a house, became a parent and instead of fitting in, she realized that her child also experienced the world in a unique way and felt different. Jessica made it her mission to understand the struggles she experienced as well as her child, by studying and exploring ideas in parenting, joined alternative education groups and eventually found herself participating in the neurodiverse communities. She notes “I found my people when I figured out that I was Autistic”. Jessica is now dedicated to work to facilitate neurotypical and neurodiverse connections.

Jessica’s mission is to help people to see that they are all whole beings, perfect in their own imperfection. She believes that once people can accept and love themselves for who they are, they can get “unstuck” and move in directions that they want to go, and even further, uncover things other than what they thought they had wanted. She believes in the importance of helping people relax into themselves.

Being an Autistic Woman and parent of an autistic child, Jessica has a unique perspective and wishes to use this perspective to support Parents of children that are neurodiverse, as well, work with Autistic Adults.

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