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Professional Training

Professional Training can be provided in many different subject areas. We are also happy to customize training for the needs of various groups and organizations. Please see below some examples of trainings provided: 

  • Trauma Informed Practice 

  • Trauma Informed Care and Neurodevelopmental Disorders 

  • Counselling Adaptations for Individuals with Neurodevelopmental Challenges 

  • Advocacy In Mental Health 

  • Parental Self Care

  • Mental Health, Special Needs, and Impact on Learning 

  • Counselling Neurodevelopmental Disorders in the School Setting (1-2 day workshop) 

  • Positive Behavioural Supports

  • Sex Positive Parenting 

  • Increasing Occupational (Day program) Engagement

Please contact us and let us know what specific training you might require so we can work with you to design the most appropriate training for your agency.

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