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Autism Specific Services

Autism specific services include Individual Counselling, Family Counselling, Behavioural Support, Couples Counselling, and Group Therapy. With the exception of couples counselling, all are considered eligible expenses for children and youth from the ages of 6 through to the end of their 18th year, living with Autism and funded under the Autism Funding Unit (AFU). 


Did you know that 20% of the annual funding may be used for eligible training, travel, equipment and supplies related to autism intervention? This includes one-day workshops and training offered. See the ‘Education and Training’ tab on this site for workshops, online training, and education offered. You will need to check with the AFU to determine whether specific education offered through “Online Training” is eligible. 

Parents can also manage their Autism Funding online by setting up an account at the ‘My Family Services’ site. Follow this link to set up an account:

Invoicing: The Autism Funding Branch is invoiced directly by the Service Provider (TMG Consulting Incorporated). If you are not registered online to manage your autism funding, you can follow the links below to forms that can be filled out electronically, printed off, signed, and then faxed off to the Autism Funding Branch. 


Request to Pay Service Providers/Suppliers: Use this link to indicate services or any other eligible expenses that will be paid for out of the child’s autism account 


Justification for Equipment and Supplies: Use this link to make a request for equipment and supplies required for a Child’s Autism intervention, which must not exceed 20% of the annual funding 


Request to Amend Invoice Payment Authorization: Use this link to request changes to a previously approved Request to Pay form 


Autism Specific Couples Counselling 

Counselling for couples where one or both partners are living on the Autism spectrum is available. Our team has training and strong experiential history of working with individuals living on the Autism spectrum.