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Riia Talve Paintings and Photography

TMG is proud to showcase Riia’s paintings and photography. Her mission is to take nature and abstract photographs, to tell a story through the art of photography and paintings. 

Riia was born 1 lb, 13 oz. in Vancouver, BC. At the age of 1 month she was diagnosed as having a 3rd grade brain hemorrhage, and is believed to have caused learning disabilities. Her doctor's told her parents that that she would never be able to draw or paint or do anything like that, due to her poor fine motor skills. She proved them wrong! At age 3 she started having an interest in Art. She would draw and paint and find it very relaxing and therapeutic. At age 12 she also began taking pictures and found a new avenue for her art as an inspiring photographer. Recently, she attended the 6th Annual Health and Well-being conference, in Richmond, BC, where she was able to showcase her art of photography, and sold many photos and paintings. At age 20, one of Riia’s painting was showcased on the cover of a book called "Success Stories From the front line”, she also had paintings displayed inside the book. Riia continues to do her art, photography and speak at conferences and schools about her life experiences.

To check out some of Riia's work click here. 


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