Group Therapy & Workshops

PEGIPsychoeducational Group Intervention

PPT_tmg.001Unique program developed for families supporting children living with Developmental Disorders. It is group-based and can be offered as a half day or full day workshop, or stretched over a period of 6-8 weeks for approximately 1.5-2 hour sessions. It provides a balance between education and psychotherapeutic support, and aims to empower caregivers, increase coping and provide a safe environment to share feelings and experiences.

kids yogaxxxYoga for Busy Minds (focused on children and adolescents): Yoga for our busy minds is a 1 ½ hour workshop to help children learn ways to tune into the body’s messages and respond with self-soothing practices. This class has been specifically designed by a registered massage therapist/yoga instructor and the Counsellor, to help children explore ways to guide themselves towards relaxation with breath, words, sounds, yoga postures and movement.

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